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Cargo Delivery from Poland to Russia

Poland is one of the most active trade partners of Russia – the annual turnover between the countries makes more than 10 billion dollars. Cargo transportation from Poland is always topical, as many Polish goods are distinguished by beneficial pricing policy. Consignments with home appliances, bicycles, construction materials, children's clothes, cosmetics and meat products go from Poland to Russia every day. The Polish porcelain by Lubiana and Karolina factories is famous throughout the whole world and, therefore, takes a considerable part in the total volume of export.

It is through Poland that many highways between Russia and the Western Europe pas ant this is another reason of popularity of cargo transportation from Poland to Russia. In fact, Poland is filled with motor roads which general length is more than 370 thousand kilometers. There are many well-equipped storage facilities, logistic and motor transportation firms at the territory of the country.

Euro-Cargo has been offering «Cargo Delivery from Poland to Russia» service for a long time already. We deliver cargo for many enterprises of small and medium business and also we serve individuals. Delivery of mixed consignments which we offer our customers who wish to save on cargo transportation is carried our through Czech Republic or Baltic states as there are no consolidation warehouses in Poland. We have studied this line of business well, having wide experience in forming of mixed consignments from Poland.

Euro-Cargo specializes in motor transportations in spite of the fact that transportation of goods by air is more convenient from the point of view of the terms. The majority of customers prefer to order cargo transportation by road to cut costs. Our fleet is equipped according to the contemporary standards and is represented by all variety of truck models – from small wagons to container platforms.

Cargo delivery from Poland to Russia is a competent consolidation, the shortest routes across Europe, prompt customs clearance and warehousing. This is a careful transportation due to which the cargo will be delivered in an excellent condition even if you have ordered elite porcelain. Servicing in Euro-Cargo is always associated with reliability, responsibility and professionalism.

Famous Russian enterprises trust us, and we serve them at our best. Each customer is of value to us irrespective of the order volume. Call us, we are always at your disposal!

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