Cargo Delivery from Germany to Russia

Germany as an economically developed country actively cooperates with all participants of the world market and its trade relations with Russia develop year-on-year. Hundreds of mixed consignments go from Germany to our country and back every day. Convenient location of German seaports turns the territory of Germany into a transshipment point between the countries of the North, South America and South-Eastern Asia. For this reason, Germany-Russia cargo transportations are popular – many Russian businessmen having business partners on other continents choose Germany as the intermediary for delivery of goods.

Euro-Cargo can solve all problems connected with cargo delivery from Germany – large-sized or small. We also group mixed consignments which will be much cheaper as delivery cost are divided between several customers at a time. It is possible to save considerably if to move along the shortest way to destination – our employees who perfectly know the geography of Germany will develop a route especially for you taking into account features of the cargo and warehouse location.

In addition to cargo transportation, we offer you the services of the customs broker and logistics. Cargo formation, storage at a warehouse, packing, execution of necessary documents for each goods, customs clearance – everything is included into logistic services. Legal education and knowledge of German laws allow us to make a correct decision in difficult situations or not avoided them at all. Delivery of cargo from Germany is supervised by us at each stage until you receive the goods at a warehouse.

Each cargo requires special approach. Deliveries of clothes, spare parts, furniture are different lines of activity of Euro-Cargo. There are many specific features here: individual ways of storage, peculiarities of customs inspection, methods of transportation and choice of transport. Therefore, cooperation with experts in logistics will become a guarantee that your order for cargo delivery from Germany will be executed at the high professional level.

We work not only with legal entities, but also with private customers who order delivery of purchases as per the individual list. We will find the necessary goods and deliver them to you as soon as practicable.

Euro-Cargo is for those who prefer perfection.

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