Cargo Delivery from Czech Republic to Russia

The Czech crystal, porcelain and fashion jewelry were always worth its weight in gold, and the Czech footwear is famous for its good quality and elegance. Therefore, trade relations of Russia and the Czech Republic actively developed in the Soviet era. Now the turnover volume between the countries increases every year and the list of the goods exported from the Czech Republic extends, as the Czech industry manufactures competitive products which are popular all over the world. Cargo delivery from the Czech Republic is always topical — the Czech goods are of huge demand in Russia.

The Czech Republic is located at the crossing of highways which connect it with other European countries, therefore, many shipments go through the country in transit. At the territory of Czechoslovakia there are consolidation warehouses where we form mixed consignments for shipment to Russia. In this case the delivery is much cheaper.

Euro-Cargo employs specialists in logistics who will take care of transportation of your cargo. You may not worry about the conditions in which the goods will be stored at a warehouse, whether all documents are made correctly and about how customs inspection procedure will pass. You may not worry about the safety of cargo in transit too. Our fleet is equipped with extra-class trucks, and we pack the goods only into contemporary wrapping materials. Cargo delivery from the Czech Republic is not a problem if the specialists are involved.

Our employees supervise movement of each consignment, knowing in what place it is at any moment. We know all routes between the Czech Republic and Russia by heart, besides cargo transportations pass under the same scenario. Warehousing – formation of mixed consignments – loading of goods – vehicle movement to the Russian border – customs clearance – cargo delivery to your warehouse. There are no failures in this logistic chain because we are experts in the international cargo transportation.

Cargo transportation from the Czech Republic with Euro-Cargo will relieve you of unnecessary hassle. You simply make the order and wait for its execution calmly. Cargo from the Czech Republic go to Russia 4-5 days only, and during this time we work and you just wait. Trust, confidentiality, professionalism, observance of deadlines, moderate prices and discounts for regular customers are the principles to which we strictly adhere.

Cargo transportation with Euro-Cargo is just a pleasure!

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