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Transportation of goods from Europe to Russia

International Deliveries since 1998

If you need to transport any cargo from Europe and you are looking for a reliable transportation and forwarding company with excellent reputation, Euro-Cargo is at your disposal! Since 1998 we have been engaged in goods delivery from Europe, offering our customers a complete range of services at all stages of the logistic chain from the manufacturer to the point of destination in Moscow. Cargo transportation from Italy to Russia is our priority as the quality of Italian goods does not need advertising and many Russian businessmen purchase the goods there.

If you entrust cargo transportation to Euro-Cargo, you will not have to solve the issues of loading and transportation of goods, their storage and customs clearance. Cargo delivery from Europe will not be a problem any more you will just trace cargo movement, knowing that it is in reliable hands under the control of a team of professionals which always acts in your best interests.


Guarantees and Reliability


In the past, cargo transportation from Europe to Russia was associated with danger as the caravans with goods were often attacked by the robbers and no one could guarantee that the cargo would arrive to the destination. Due to scientific and technological progress, ordinary cargo transportations from Europe to Russia developed into a serious science logistics and the process of goods transportation now looks as a chain of well-thought-out actions which guarantee the safety of cargo in transit and timely arrival to the customers warehouse.

When out customers need to deliver cargo from Europe, they choose Euro-Cargo. The number of customers and partners of the company has been constantly growing since 1998 and this means a lot. After the first experience of cooperation in respect of cargo delivery from Europe, casual customers become loyal and recommend us to other companies. This is an importance criteria of reliability of Euro-Cargo. We always perform our duties due to streamlined and uninterrupted production process and professionalism of our employees.

Delivery of mixed cargo from Europe and, in particular, cargo transportation from Italy by Euro-Cargo is a demonstration of perfect logistics and mastership proven by years.